Invisible Stars:

A social History of Women in American Broadcasting

"Invisible Stars" documents women whose presence made a difference, who overcame great obstacles, and perservered in their chosen careers. Broadcast historian Donna Halper has tracked down and interviewed living relatives, gathered rare photos and letters, and scoured early newspapers and magazines to reconstruct the lives and work of the women of broadcasting. She tells the stories of such notable women as Eunice Randall (the first women announcer in Boston); Bertha Brainard (first woman on the air in new York and the first woman executive at NBC); Marie Zimmerman (first woman to own and operate a station); Dorothy Thompson (first woman in radio to make the cover of Time magazine, first woman network news correspondent); and many more. Her social history considers the wider questions of society's expectations for women, how their roles changed during and after World War II, how the Advent of television changed the employment landscape, and what TV communicated about gender.

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